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phpMyDatagrid Free has been totally re-writed, having in mind to reach the maximum performance on each process. Between the changes we made, you can find that the old embedded Javascript and formating to texts and tables was replaced by completely separate .js and .css files, which allow us separate presentation from programming logic, so, changing the presentation of a grid is so easy as modify the CSS or just define a new one. You may have multiples .css files, one for each grid.


  • Microsoft IIS runing on a windows machine or Apache running on a windows or Linux Machine
  • php 4.0 or superior
  • mySQL 3.23 or above
  • To connect with the database by using ADOdb (optional), you must download the class from ADOdb web page


  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Copy the unziped files and folders into your application folder
  3. Open the script file where you want to draw the datagrid and include the main file of class by using the following PHP lines:
include ("phpmydatagrid.class.php");

Please refer to phpMyDataGrid Professional documentation or visit phpMyDataGrid forum where you'll find contributed documentation for FREE version